Founded in 1921, the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico is a non-profit organisation promoting foreign direct investment along with export based economic growth between Mexico and the United Kingdom. We are a politically neutral organisation, independent of both the Mexican and British governments.

Through events, seminars, business sector groups and industry-specific reports, we promote the commercial interests of our members, also offering high quality event programming and creating ongoing networking opportunities.

Our membership base is growing continuously, with more than 420 current active members.



Our mission is to represent the commercial interests of our British, Mexican, and international members by acting as a platform to create and promoting business opportunities within our working community. We encourage trade and investment between Mexico and the United Kingdom, regularly sharing relevant content from both countries. The British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico is characterised by its firmly rooted working values such as commitment, ethics, and sustainability.



We strive to be a strong, dynamic leader, representing the commercial interests of our members, constantly seeking self-improvement.


The members of the association are obliged to respect the principle of free competition, current legislation and any addendums, for the purpose of safeguarding and protecting the interests of the members and consumers at large.


    *The Association will comply with all legislation relevant to economic competition, any normative decrees derived from aforementioned legislation, as will the association´s members and affiliates. In addition, sensitive information such as: (i) prices, promotions, discounts, volume and rebate discounts, (ii) costs, (iii) earnings and profit margins, (iv) production and sales, (v) market share and sales territories, (vi) investment plans, (vii) publicity, marketing and promotional strategies, (viii) participation in or abstaining from bids and tenders, (ix) credit conditions or other terms of sale, or (x) client & supplier selection, rejection, termination.