About the Digital Transformation Group

Established: 2017

Sub-Sectors within the Group: Micro, Small and Medium Companies; Multinational, Global and Big Companies.

President: Rafael Fernández Corro, Country Manager

Vice-presidents: To be defined

About the group

On August 2017, the British Chamber of Commerce decided that Technology and Innovation are topics that must be addressed as a priority since the Revolution 4.0 is already happening and shifting the business environment around the globe. This creates several needs among companies of all sizes that must be a cardinal point to attend by the members of the Chamber.

In this context, under the umbrella of the BritCham, the Digital Transformation Group was constituted with the main objective to serve as a concentration point that will focus the efforts of different stake holders to harvest the benefits that every new innovation brings to the landscape.



To coordinate the efforts of British, Mexican & International companies within the Telecom & IT sectors; establishing the British Chamber of Commerce as a promoting agent with access to relevant stakeholders, to support companies and organizations Digital Transformation needs.



To establish a competitive business environment for industry related companies, while supporting international companies journey towards their Digital Transformation.


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