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Admission Process

You can have complete membership information here and if you want to join our Chamber, please fill in the form here and make your payment in the accounts found in this document. Once you have completed this, please send the information to for follow up, and our membership team will be happy to help you.

Based on our new statutes, all memberships are subject to the approval of our board. Inscriptions will be accepted, and new members will be able to participate, but if not approved at the following board meeting, their inscription will be reimbursed.

Here you can read the new statutes governing the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico.

Become part of one of the most important European bilateral chambers in Mexico.

-Networking & Events

-Brand exposure and promotion

-Access to our directory

-Discounts and benefits

-Access to the Commercial Area

-Business Sector Groups

-Interlocution with government

-Promotion of events and workshops

-Help in organising events and workshops


-Special information on request

-Rental of business space

Join our sectoral groups

BSGs are sector working groups, made up of our partners with subject matter expertise, which seek to represent and promote business and development opportunities.


Each BSG has its own working dynamics and entry process.

Marketing Services

As a member of BritChaM, there are many marketing and promotional opportunities that you can take advantage of with your membership, below you can find a list of some of the ways you can do this.

Heads-Up Newsletter

Our Heads-Up newsletter is sent out each week to our extensive mailing list. This is where we publish the latest news/offers/events from our members.

Social Media

The Chamber is very active on multiple social networks, and we are happy to share news, offers or events from our members.

Chamber News Blog

The Chamber also has a blog where we post business news, opinion pieces and event summaries. This site is for news related to the Chamber community.

Webinars & Workshops

We work closely with our members to generate content for webinars and workshops to help them share their expertise and knowledge with a wide audience to support them in developing their businesses during these unprecedented times.

Website – Members Only Section

Our website includes an exclusive section for partners. Here you can find a directory of all BritChaM partners. This section can be accessed using your membership credentials.

Activities up to May 2023

Partner Support

We have gone the extra mile to link members with potential clients and partners. We know these are challenging times and we are constantly looking for opportunities to promote networking among our members.


Over 250 webinars since April 2020 covering the following sectors/topics:

– Economic and financial outlook

– Global and national political landscape

– Skills

– Storytelling, coaching, leadership

– Risk analysis (covering the pandemic)

– Safety and security

– Preparing for Brexit

Active Groups

The BritChaM sectoral groups have been active through Zoom meetings, and continue with various activities, including but not limited to:

– Webinars

– Meetings with government officials

– Awareness campaigns