Letter from the President, British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico

Friends, Members and Future Members: Welcome to the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico’s Webpage!

As the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico enters its second century, it is an honour and a privilege to continue serving as President of our esteemed organisation. The Chamber has been and will continue to be a safe haven for British Business interests in Mexico, and I endeavour to further strengthen our community despite the increasing challenges — both personal and professional — we have all faced in recent times.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought about many changes, and I am proud to say that BritChaM has remained resilient throughout, continuing the legacy of quality leadership and service that has characterised the organisation for the past 100 years. Our team has found new ways to serve our members by adapting to the times and has managed to seamlessly move our principal services online: hosting insightful webinars, gathering our business sector groups (BSGs) virtually and providing tailor-made consulting services over the phone and via email.

Over the coming years I intend to keep this innovative spirit alive within the Chamber, bringing new, relevant and trustworthy content to the community through reports, events, seminars, and our working groups, with the principal goal being to provide guidance to our members as we navigate the new and unprecedented times in which we find ourselves. In this way, this year, we have expanded our repertoire of business sector groups to include a new Fiscal Group and a new Diversity & Inclusion Group. I am confident that these new additions will more acutely serve the needs of our current members, as well as attracting new companies to BritChaM.

Moreover, being a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico is about giving back to the community that came before and that is yet to come. Therefore, I am delighted to announce our plans to relaunch the BritChaM Mentorship Programme, which will match some of the Chamber’s corporate companies with budding entrepreneurs and smaller organisations to help guide and inspire them. Additionally, a brand-new initiative is in the works called the BritChaM Future Leaders Programme. The scheme invites university students from both Mexico and the UK to participate in our BSGs and learn from current experts in their fields of interest. I believe that investing in our community long-term is vital for its longevity and success, and the Chamber will achieve this by nourishing the next generation of businesses and industry leaders.

BritChaM remains committed to satisfying the needs and commercial interests of all our members through the promotion of an even better Mexico-United Kingdom bilateral trade relationship. The strong working relationship we have fostered with the British Embassy in Mexico as well as our reputation as one of the strongest European chambers in the country places us in the optimal position to continue building, supporting, and encouraging the British Business community in Mexico.

Thank you so much for your loyalty to and support of the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico. It is the continued participation of our members that keeps our community dynamic and active. I look forward to collaborating with you all further and know that together we will navigate both the challenges and successes that this new chapter in our history presents us.


David Atherton


Our Board:

David Atherton – BritChaM President

HMA Jonathan Benjamin – BritChaM Honorary President

Michael Pütter  – BritChaM Vice-president / Safe Strategies International

Armando Nuricumbo – CFO BritChaM / Nuricumbo & Partners

Emilio Díaz – Former President BritChaM / EY

Héctor Tello – Former President BritChaM / Videonet

Alberto de la Fuente – Shell México

John Baudouin – Willis Towers Watson

Angélica Ruiz – BP México

Patricia González – Independent

Rafael Fernández – BT

Rafael Funes – Lovis

Juliana Correa – DIT – British Embassy in Mexico

Sylvia Varela – AstraZeneca 

Alejandro Martí – Provident

Gilles Vignal – CEO BritChaM (Invited)