Our President

Thank you for visiting our site!

On behalf of the British Chamber of Commerce, please allow me to extend a warm welcome to our website. Here you will find important information about BritChaM’s mission, strategies, and objectives, as well as data, news, and documents related to trade and investment activity between Mexico and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I am honoured to have been entrusted with the task of chairing BritChaM in this new stage. I would also like to acknowledge the excellent work that has been done so far and which has given great impetus to achieving the Chamber’s goals in Mexico. In this regard, I reiterate my commitment to doing everything in my power to contribute to the coordination of efforts to achieve our objectives.

Based on the progress we have made we have designed a new Work Plan that will help us continue to contribute to BritChaM’s mission. This plan consists of 2 strategic pillars, which encompass 5 specific tasks as well as 2 fundamental transversal tasks.

The first pillar concerns the Tools for Investment and Trade. It involves leveraging information and internal collaboration to shape concrete tools to facilitate economic promotion. Among the main tasks of this axis are 1) the creation of internal interaction tables to increase communication between working groups; and 2) the development of economic opportunity maps that contribute to the creative reorganization of the information we work with.

The second axis deals with Proactive Strategic Interaction. The objective is to strengthen the positioning of BritCham and its collaborative networks. The main tasks of this axis consist of: 3) The strengthening and expansion of alliances, which cultivate the excellent relationship with allied organizations, such as universities, sectoral organizations, and NGOs; 4) The celebration of a Regional Forum For Latin America that facilitates the beginning of a stage of greater collaboration between BritChams in the region; and 5) Dialogue with authorities, which respectfully and openly generates spaces for communication with relevant actors, always respecting the politically neutral nature of the Chamber.

Particular emphasis is placed on 2 transversal tasks for the work plan to be successfully executed: a) Inclusion; and b) Digitalisation. Building on the good foundations that BritChaM already has in terms of inclusion culture and gender perspective, a constant working method will be reinforced so that these values transversely govern the decisions, operation, and projects the Chamber carries out. As for digitalization, a modernization project will be implemented to provide efficient tools to improve communication and facilitate our daily work.

Thank you for your participation in the British Chamber, and I invite you to join me in continuing to enrich this work proposal and face the challenges and enormous opportunities that lie ahead.

Angélica Ruiz.

Our Board:

  • Angélica Ruiz Celis – President
  • Denisse Alejandra Montesinos Pacheco – Treasurer
  • Jorge Vega Peón – Secretary
  • Carlos Ortiz Mena – Business Sector Groups Lead
  • Rafael Funes Lovis
  • John Baudouin Kennedy
  • Patricia González Tirado
  • Armando Nuricumbo Ramírez
  • Alberto de la Fuente Piñeirua
  • Maru Sidaui Barbara
  • John Gerard Tominey
  • Silvia Hernández Enriquez
  • Julio Alberto Ordaz López
  • David Hargreaves Atherton Oakley – Former President