BritChaM Future Leaders Programme


To give the next generation of business leaders the opportunity to interact with influential figures within the industries they aspire to form part of in the future.


  • Universities:
    • Universidad Iberoamericana 
    • Universidad Panamericana 
    • University of Bristol
    • University of Reading 
    • Robert Gordon University 

Student Journey

  1. An internal selection process is carried out by the University and the BritChaM team.
  2. Students will receive a sector-specific induction session from the BritChaM team to aid their understanding in the Group meetings.
  3. Students are going to be invited to all of the monthly meetings of the Group.
  4. Throughout their time with the Chamber the students will have 2 one-to-one sessions with the President or VicePresident of their corresponding Group.
  5. To conclude their time with the Chamber the 2 students in each Group will work together to give a 25 minute presentation to their Group on an area of personal interest within the Sector.
  6. Upon completion of the Programme the students will receive a certificate from the BritChaM Managing Director and President.

Added value to Students

  • Participation in high level discussions with Industry Leaders. 
  • Insight into the current issues facing the Sector.
  • Opportunity to work alongside a student from the UK/Mexico of the same academic standard and with similar aspirations.
  • Networking with potential graduate employers.
  • Development of presentation skills.

Are you interested in participation in the Future Leaders Programme (2022/23)? Send an email to the Business Sector Groups Coordinator, Ana Laura Reyes (

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