BritChaM statement regarding the “Electricity Reform”

The British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico AC supports the development of Mexico, just as we have for the last 100 years, particularly with regard to promoting good commercial relations. We are willing and open to provide information and enter into a discussion regarding the proposed constitutional electricity reform currently under discussion through the open parliament in the Chamber of Deputies.

The Chamber is firm in the belief that dialogue, the exchange of ideas and respect for the rule of law are the most convenient ways to achieve optimal results with regard to that which we all want to achieve: the sustainable development of Mexico. We hope that the resulting legislation and feedback will allow our associates to maintain their investments with certainty and respect for the rule of law, principles which are contemplated under commercial agreements between our countries.

The success and prosperity of the BritChaM community is intrinsically linked with that of Mexico, therefore we know that through collaboration we can arrive at a solution which benefits all as well as contributes to the creation of an environment of trust for all investments.