On October 3rd, 2023, the Energy Group of the British Chamber of Commerce hosted its twenty-second edition of Energy Day®️, where business leaders from the energy sector explored the challenges and opportunities that Mexico is facing in four key areas: sustainability, transmission and midstream, the future of upstream, and foreign investment.

  • Sustainability in the Energy Sector

One of the main challenges Mexico faces is accelerating the pace of building energy infrastructure while respecting the environment and considering the well-being of local communities. Sustainability is no longer an option but a prevailing need that requires investment in clean technologies, improving energy efficiency, and promoting the generation of energy from renewable sources.

  • Transmission and Midstream

Natural gas has become a crucial ally in the transition to cleaner energy sources. To take advantage of its potential, Mexico must continue promoting projects for its transportation and storage. However, this effort must go hand in hand with significant investment in new electrical transmission infrastructure.

  • The Future of Upstream

Upstream, which involves oil and gas exploration and production, faces its own transformation. Mexico must seek a balance between exploiting its natural resources and reducing its environmental impact. Adopting more sustainable practices and investing in advanced technologies are essential to ensure a cleaner and more profitable future in this sector.

  • Foreign Investment Trends and its Importance in the Evolution of the Energy Sector in Mexico

Foreign investment plays a significant role in the evolution of the Mexican energy sector. To attract and retain investments, Mexico must strengthen its regulators to create a reliable and transparent business environment that encourages investment and innovation.

Energy Day®️ is a platform that gives voice to various actors in the energy sector. On this occasion, the experts agreed that the growth and strengthening of the energy sector are vital for Mexico. Sustainability, infrastructure investment, the use of natural gas as a business opportunity if venting is minimized, and the strengthening of regulators are key pillars to achieve this objective. Mexico has the potential to lead the energy transition in Latin America and, in doing so, contribute significantly to a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.

We look forward to seeing you at the next edition of Energy Day®️!

Images Property of the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico