BritChaM member KPMG shares the findings of its study ‘Risks in Mexico and Central America 2023.’ The study reveals that seven out of ten leaders (68%) in our country and six out of ten leaders (61%) in Central America consider losing or not attracting the necessary talent as the main internal risk to their organisations. This challenge is related to the obsolescence of certain talent management models.

Main internal risks

RiskMexicoCentral America
Losing or not attracting the necessary talent68%61%
Falling behind in innovation and digital transformation54%71%
Lack of an internal control environment and processes41%34%
Being a victim of fraud and theft38%37%

Main external risks

RiskMexicoCentral America
Global economic downturn60%69%
Insecurity and lack of rule of law55%31%
Cyber attacks53%44%
New regulations35%54%

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