Welcome New Member: Corp4ness

BritChaM is delighted to welcome to the Chamber this week our new member Corp4ness and introduce to you their movement: All4NESS. All4NESS is a 360° wellness concept which raises awareness of the importance of the balance between the physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial health of the individual, as a fundamental factor for their development and evolution, through the production of valuable content and memorable experiences. All4NESS designs wellness tools with an impact on the individual, organisations and society following the principles of the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

All4NESS is based on their BEB methodology (Wellbeing In Balance), as well as the Harvard Model of corporate culture and health to promote corporate Wellness, Diversity and Sustainability issues through our CORP4NESS division. They start with the strengthening of the individual, to generate inclusive, productive, and creative groups and organisations, thus achieving direct impact on society and all its spheres.

Experts in Experiential Marketing, the organisation holds certificates in “Orange Economy” from the Inter-American Development Bank, ‘The Art of Happiness’ and ‘Empathy and Emotional Intelligence in Business’ programme certifications from the University UC Berkeley, as well as ‘Health Culture in Companies’ programme certificate from the University of Harvard. All4NESS works with experts & international speakers who, together with them, develop presentations, training, and tools in search of improving the habits and models of thinking of people and
organisations. Thier programmes are based on the delivery of knowledge and tools that allow the collaborators to reach their point of balance in physical, emotional, social, productive, and mental health. The content and production are framed under our PEACE methodology, encouraging people to increase their productivity indicators, focus, adaptability, creativity, and energy, creating a direct impact not only on individuals and their environment, but also on the organisations they form a part of. For more information visit their website at corp4ness.com.