This week we are delighted to welcome ThyReality as a new member of the BritChaM Community. ThyReality is a group of highly motivated and inspired industry leaders who create custom enterprise solutions, democratizing proven and new technologies for any size business.

ThyReality founders Farhan, Dan, Hyder, and Tina met back in 2017, whilst working together on a stealth startup for self-driving vehicles. They were inspired to create the company as they felt that there was a better way to allow businesses to be able to take advantage of foundational and innovative new technology, regardless of their industry, their size, their budget, or their existing systems.

ThyReality’s approach to technology is from a benevolent stance. Building off visions that have gone before, they feel that technology should be used for good, and to benefit humanity and being a part of industries that are in service to people is key to their credo. The company’s principal goal is to help people demystify technology to achieve safety, security, and accountability in a transparent and ethical approach. Their belief is that any company should be able to benefit from technological innovation, in a meaningful way for their business needs and goals, without a cost-prohibitive buy-in.

ThyReality creates custom enterprise solutions and democratizes leading-edge technological innovations for any industry, any size company. They deliver scalability, reliability, and security to businesses, with a transaction-based revenue model rarely seen in the industry. To find out more about their services please visit their website here: