Atherton & Co. – Leading experts in risk management and insurance solutions

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A longstanding and valued member of the BritChaM community, Atherton & Co. are risk management specialists with over 30 years of experience delivering a comprehensive service to their clients. From project management and financing to consulting and business and personal insurance, Atherton & Co. offer a range of services providing bespoke, concrete solutions to social, financial, regulatory, environmental and political risks.


Atherton & Co. are experts who not only help clients determine the best strategies and partners to ensure the successful resolution of risks but also advise on how to turn those risks into profit wins. By employing risk management analysis and methodology Atherton & Co. are able to identify possible risk-based opportunities for clients which have the potential to improve their bottom line or viability of their projects.


Atherton & Co. contributes to the long term well-being of their stakeholders by bringing together the most professional, ethical and effective partners. The firm consists of the foremost risk management experts in the fields of energy and infrastructure, security and intelligence, engineering, personal insurance, wealth management, financing, project planning and execution and legal, offering experience, integrity and most importantly, results. Over 30 years of experience has allowed Atherton & Co. to develop relationships with key players in the public and private sectors and also have extensive partnerships with private funds and family offices looking for projects, partners and investment opportunities.


Atherton & Co. works with a wide range of clients from corporate companies to individual professionals providing them with solutions in the following areas:

● Risk & Risk Management

● Social – Atherton & Co. carry out social impact studies, implement social management plans, train community relations teams, participate in conflict settlement and can provide expertise regarding Free, Previous Informed Consultation (FPIC or Indigenous Consultation).

● Risk and Due Diligence – They lead the market in quality M&A advisory on risk and risk transfer, risk management, representations and warranties and total cost of risk studies, as well as complex insurance solutions.

● Regulatory – Their relationships with local regulatory bodies enable them to keep abreast of the latest changes, as well as resolve clients’ doubts and issues in a timely manner.

● Risk & Environmental Engineering – Atherton & Co. can provide environmental baseline studies, Probable Maximum Loss calculations (PML), damage remediation and recovery services, as well as help reduce liabilities and operational costs.

● Personal Insurance – The firm advises and assists with the organization of life insurance, major medical insurance, homeowner’s insurance as well as speciality insurance lines.

Atherton & Co. accompanies their partners during the entire life cycle of their projects and have worked with a number of high profile organizations including: Cotemar, Petrofac, Banco de México, BMW, Diavaz, Hockchi Energy, Weatherford, Sierra Oil & Gas, Gauss Energía and Altan Redes.

The British Chamber of Commerce is delighted to have Atherton & Co. as a trusted member of our community and we invite you to contact their team directly to find out more about how they can support you or your business with risk management and insurance solutions.

Contact Information

David Atherton, Managing Partner, Atherton & Co.

Paseo de la Reforma 1020, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec CP 11000, CDMX, México

Mobile: +52 1 55 4360 7568 Office: +52 55 5281 4591

Email: Website: