We are delighted to announce the addition of Speranto to our community as a new member of the Chamber.

Speranto strives to revolutionise the way brands perceive the market by developing communication and marketing campaigns that rely on data and insights from a diverse audience. The agency aids brands in presenting the variety of market segments and groups (such as Pink marketing, inclusive language, real people, etc.) with dignity and respect.

Based on this concept, “Speranto Marketing Diverso” was established as an advertising agency that designs campaigns for everyone, not just the majority, by impartially and equitably including all individuals without discrimination.

Speranto follows the principle that all individuals have the right to be perceived and represented equally and respectfully, thus ending detrimental stereotypes in society and opening a new path for media and brands to operate under a system of social responsibility and equality.

To find out more information, Visit the Speranto website here, or follow their social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.