Welcome New Member: Christopher Plummer Bannister

BritChaM is delighted to welcome its newest member Christopher Plummer Bannister of Spaeth Communications to the Chamber community.

Spaeth Communications is a firm specialized in the training of communicators, consultancy in communication strategies, and crisis management. Their training courses are based on Spaeth’s highly effective ‘Influence Model’, drawing on 30 years of experience in communications from around the world and in many languages.

Similarly, Christopher Plummer has been a pioneer in practicing the Spaeth methodology in the Hispanic market of the United States since 2008, and now in Mexico.

Spaeth Communications has its origins in the White House in Washington and has received investment from Accenture. They have pioneered a global approach to communications as a strategic tool for businesses and campaigns of all kinds.

If you want to know more about their services, visit the Spaeth Communications page to find out about the services and solutions they offer.