Welcome New Member: INTUITION [Soluciones]

This week BritChaM is delighted to welcome new member INTUITION [Soluciones] to the Chamber community: a coaching organisation dedicated to the transformation of Individual & Corporate results which has successfully delivered said objectives in more than 25 countries around the world.

A key feature that has led to the global success of INTUITION [Soluciones] is that the coaching is based on real life corporate examples, complemented by the wisdom of thought leaders, and delivered in an interesting anecdotal fashion, but always specifically relevant to the clients situation.

The philosophy of Neil is, “Be the the best that you can be today, and prepare yourself to be even better tomorrow, AND have some fun doing it!”

The elements that commonly form part of the “Success Jigsaw Puzzle” are combined to produce the Personal Development Plans [PDP’s] include:

The Power of Positive:
Attitude -> Collaboration & Relationships -> Management / Leadership -> Building High Performance Teams -> Productivity / Delivery Techniques -> Self-Confidence -> Well-Being -> Transition to New Role / Company.

The “Winning Formula” is a tried and tested process used to identify obstacles, analyze skill set improvement opportunities and execute a practical and inspirational Personalized Development Programme [PDP]. This commitment to the client is what guarantees results. The focus of the coaching is split between Immediate action on corporate deliverables and setting in motion the enhancement of the relevant skill set necessary to maximize the transformation of results in the shortest possible time but with sustainable on-going personal development.

There are a number of Signature Programmes that offer personalised 1 to 1 coaching:

  1. [Kick Start your Transformation] – Personal Planning “Day”

– An intensive 3 part analysis that will identify ALL objectives, challenges & obstacles
– Give you a personalised inspirational transformation plan to accentuate results
– Deliver a framework for your on-going self-advancement

  1. [Transformation 365] – Continual Daily Development

– Individual Coaching sessions to overcome all challenges identified as above
– Constant flexible support to deal with any unexpected circumstances that arise
– Learn from real life experiences, & up to date though leaders / successful people

These 2 programmes are best combined to the perfect framework to enable an Executive to transform their results and accentuate their potential as leaders.

  1. [Navigate the Corporate Ladder] – Change of Role or Company

– Repositioning & enhancement of your CV aligned to the new opportunities
– Interview preparation (Unique selling points / Difficult Question / Body language etc)
– Creation of your 1st 90 day plan with concrete steps to maximise your integration
– They also have another programme which is Ideal for Group Learning:

  1. [Success “6″ Key Factors] – Real Life Case Reviews

– Definition of the key elements relevant [Positive Attitude / Leadership / Collaboration etc]
– Review of case studies & your solution(s), then comparison to actual action taken
– Wider review and analysis of the Key Success Factors
– Ideal for the overall development of teams in specific desirable areas

For more information please visit the INTUITION [Soluciones] website here or directly contact Neil Peet via email npsway@yahoo.com