BritChaM is delighted to welcome to the Chamber this week our new member, Prida, a world leader in international logistics that offers comprehensive services in foreign trade operations to contribute to the development of Mexico’s international commerce. Their vision is to promote international commerce in Mexico by collaborating with the governmental and business communities in the country’s development projects and providing optimal customs and logistics services that meet international quality standards.

The company’s policy is to offer integral service in international trade operations while ensuring the highest quality in service with continuous improvement through the expertise of their personnel and infrastructure. They guarantee the safety and professionalism of their services, all in the interest of total customer satisfaction.

Prida is committed to safety and security, as all of their personnel are dedicated to obtaining, maintaining, and continuously improving a Supply Chain Security Management System that complies with the requirements of the OEA (Authorized Economic Operator) standards. The company aims to gain the credibility of their customers by offering reliable and secure services.

Their values include professionalism, responsibility, innovation, discipline, and support for their clients’ import and export operations while saving time and costs. Prida’s commitment to providing high-quality and secure services makes them a valuable addition to the Chamber, and we are thrilled to welcome them as a new member.

For more information, please visit the Prida website here.