In recent years, Mexico has undergone a series of changes to labour laws, the most relevant being the entry into force of the USMCA (and the labour implications of this new trade agreement between our country and the United States and Canada), the new regulations for teleworking, compliance with NOM-035, unionisation issues, the subcontracting reform, the increase in holiday days, as well as various procedures and processes before the IMSS and INFONAVIT, which visualise the labour outlook in Mexico with great transformations.

Compliance with all these new obligations entails an impact on companies with operations in Mexico that face these challenges within their daily activities, which is why it is very important that companies identify these challenges and analyse and develop labour strategies to give due compliance with such obligations and avoid contingencies.

At Sánchez Devanny, we undertook the task of carrying out a study of the most relevant labour issues for this 2023, to find out how companies are facing the challenges that these changes imply and at the same time bring attention to those areas of opportunity that companies face to duly comply with their labour obligations.

We encourage you to read this document and we remind you that our specialists in Labour, Social Security, and Immigration matters are at your disposal for any questions you may have regarding the study or the situation of your company in reference to these topics.

To download the White Paper – Challenges and Opportunities in Labour Matters for 2023 click here