Eurest Welcome

This week, the British Chamber of Commerce has the pleasure of welcoming our new member Eurest, the world’s leading food services company. Providing meals in over 40 countries, Eurest has a passion for good food that reaches restaurants and dining rooms all over the world.

Eurest Proper Meals Mexico – COMPASS GROUP

COMPASS GROUP is a British company located in Chertsey, England. It is the largest food services company in the world, operating in over 40 countries and with more than 600,000 employees.

A global leader in providing meals and support, it has 80 years of market experience and provides over 5.5 billion meals a year in over 55,000 places.

It began operating in Mexico 50 years ago and currently works in over 130 places in 16 states and provides 110,000 meals a day through over 3000 collaborators.

COMPASS GROUP provides services through business sectors:

  • Eurest – Meal provider for the Business and Industrial Sector.
  • Medirest – Meal provider for the Clinical Sector.
  • ESS – Comprehensive services for the Security Sector, Maritime Platforms and remote locations.
  • Scolarest – Meal provider for the Education Sector.
  • Eurest Sport & Entertainment – Meal provider for the Sports and Entertainment Sector.
  • PUUR – To allow the office staff to obtain gastronomic experience with nutritional and balanced options available on demand.
  • Cafeterías: Outtakes and Simply PUUR – Variety in food, drinks, and snacks with custom-made options.
  • Eurest Services – Help services, facility management and clean spaces.

BritChaM is honoured to welcome Eurest as a new member of our community; visit their website for more information on their services: