A Brighter Future: Our Strategic Plan for the Coming Years

The BritChaM Council members recently gathered at EY’s wonderful “wavespace” for an exciting strategic planning session, marking a significant milestone in our Chamber’s history. During this meeting, Angélica Ruiz, our President, and other Council members discussed, proposed, and charted the course aimed at laying the foundation for a brighter future for our Chamber.

In a dynamic, collaborative, and enthusiastic atmosphere, ambitious objectives for the upcoming years were defined. These objectives reflect our vision to strengthen our position as leaders among Chambers of Commerce in Mexico, particularly in specific industries, focusing on value creation, while actively engaging with our community. Furthermore, the Council identified key actions necessary to achieve these objectives. From expanding our services to improving our internal operations, we are committed to making significant changes that will benefit our members and the community.

This strategic planning session represents a crucial step forward in our efforts to strengthen our institution, and we are excited about what the future holds for us. With the support of the Council, a united Chamber team, alongside our partners and a well-defined business plan, we are confident that we will achieve our goals and continue to serve as an invaluable resource for all our members and partners.

I want to thank Jon Benjamin, British Ambassador to Mexico, and his team for joining us during the sessions. Additionally, I’d like to express my gratitude to Emilio Díaz, Communications Leader EY Latin America, for opening the doors of EY to the BritChaM Council members.

Warm regards,

Gilles Vignal

KPMG shares the findings of its study ‘Mergers and Acquisitions in Latin America (M&A).’

BritChaM’s member KPMG shares the findings of its study ‘Mergers and Acquisitions in Latin America (M&A)’

In this KPMG study, it is shown that 45% of companies and investors believe that the opportunity for M&A in Latin America is more favorable than ever, despite not neglecting the associated risks. How can investors benefit from this environment? Historically, decisions in this regard have been approached cautiously due to political, social, and economic factors. However, in the current context, Latin America emerges as one of the most favorable options.

Read the full study here.

Welcome New Member: International House Mexico

BritChaM Welcomes the International House Mexico

International House (IH) is a global network of language schools and training centers founded in Spain in 1953. The organisation focuses on language teaching and teacher training, establishing a strong reputation within the international education community.

In Mexico, the International House operates several offices offering language courses and training programmes for language teachers. Our campuses are located in major cities across Mexico, providing a wide range of courses for students of all ages and levels.

The International House schools follow the communicative method, which focuses on students and their practical development of communication skills.

International House Mexico serves as an Examination Centre for the University of Cambridge, an IELTS Examination Centre, and an Instituto Cervantes Examination Centre.

Moreover, International House Mexico offers university programmes, including three bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree, and twelve diplomas.

Learn more about International House


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KPMG shares the findings of its study ‘Risks in Mexico and Central America 2023’

BritChaM member KPMG shares the findings of its study ‘Risks in Mexico and Central America 2023.’ The study reveals that seven out of ten leaders (68%) in our country and six out of ten leaders (61%) in Central America consider losing or not attracting the necessary talent as the main internal risk to their organisations. This challenge is related to the obsolescence of certain talent management models.

Main internal risks

RiskMexicoCentral America
Losing or not attracting the necessary talent68%61%
Falling behind in innovation and digital transformation54%71%
Lack of an internal control environment and processes41%34%
Being a victim of fraud and theft38%37%

Main external risks

RiskMexicoCentral America
Global economic downturn60%69%
Insecurity and lack of rule of law55%31%
Cyber attacks53%44%
New regulations35%54%

Read the full study here

Welcome New Member: CODEX

BritChaM welcomes CODEX.

CODEX coordinates customs and supply chain processes for its customers, providing INTEGRAL SERVICES IN FOREIGN TRADE backed by extensive experience in customs brokerage, logistics service, national and international cargo transportation, storage, e-commerce, and fulfilment processes among others.

CODEX designs international logistics chains, coordinates customs processes in the main locations of Mexico and the USA, achieving efficient solutions, and satisfying the needs of each of its customers.


• Customs agency

• Transport

• Storage and distribution

• International logistics

• Consulting and management

• E-commerce

• Last Mille

• Training

• FTZ in the United States / RFE in Mexico


CODEX has its own offices, its staff has extensive experience and is currently located in 15 points within Mexico, covering the main customs of the country through its more than 10 patents in the group to guarantee safe and appropriate dispatches.

Additionally, it has three warehouses available located in Laredo, El Paso TX., and San Diego, CA, with a fourth warehouse opening soon in Tucson, AZ.

Learn more about our new member in the following link: www.codex.com.mx

Welcome New Member: Christopher Plummer Bannister

BritChaM is delighted to welcome its newest member Christopher Plummer Bannister of Spaeth Communications to the Chamber community.

Spaeth Communications is a firm specialized in the training of communicators, consultancy in communication strategies, and crisis management. Their training courses are based on Spaeth’s highly effective ‘Influence Model’, drawing on 30 years of experience in communications from around the world and in many languages.

Similarly, Christopher Plummer has been a pioneer in practicing the Spaeth methodology in the Hispanic market of the United States since 2008, and now in Mexico.

Spaeth Communications has its origins in the White House in Washington and has received investment from Accenture. They have pioneered a global approach to communications as a strategic tool for businesses and campaigns of all kinds.

If you want to know more about their services, visit the Spaeth Communications page to find out about the services and solutions they offer.


White Paper – Main Foreign Trade Challenges for Companies in 2023

The commercial dynamics of the world are constantly changing. This forces the laws applicable in every country regarding international trade to be modified to adapt to the world’s new needs, and to become more competitive and attractive in an environment of global competition.

Is your company prepared to maintain itself in compliance against the main challenges that companies will face in 2023 in terms of Foreign Trade?

In this free and updated White Paper, we provide a detailed and thorough analysis of the international trade operations of companies across Mexico. This will help you to make a self-assessment of the current situation in your company to make the best decisions.

To download the White Paper – Main Foreign Trade Challenges for Companies in 2023 click here.

Bidding Process for the Development Hubs for Well-Being

The initiative seeks to grant a two-year concession for the use and exploitation of the hub’s alienation located in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, to which tax and administrative benefits will apply.

Said process will start with a registration for interested parties, followed by an orientation session in order for the participant to obtain a participation certificate. The bidding conditions will be exclusively delivered to the interested parties that obtain said certificate.

The program of activities of the public bidding process is listed bellow: 

White Paper – Challenges and Opportunities in Labour Matters for 2023

In recent years, Mexico has undergone a series of changes to labour laws, the most relevant being the entry into force of the USMCA (and the labour implications of this new trade agreement between our country and the United States and Canada), the new regulations for teleworking, compliance with NOM-035, unionisation issues, the subcontracting reform, the increase in holiday days, as well as various procedures and processes before the IMSS and INFONAVIT, which visualise the labour outlook in Mexico with great transformations.

Compliance with all these new obligations entails an impact on companies with operations in Mexico that face these challenges within their daily activities, which is why it is very important that companies identify these challenges and analyse and develop labour strategies to give due compliance with such obligations and avoid contingencies.

At Sánchez Devanny, we undertook the task of carrying out a study of the most relevant labour issues for this 2023, to find out how companies are facing the challenges that these changes imply and at the same time bring attention to those areas of opportunity that companies face to duly comply with their labour obligations.

We encourage you to read this document and we remind you that our specialists in Labour, Social Security, and Immigration matters are at your disposal for any questions you may have regarding the study or the situation of your company in reference to these topics.

To download the White Paper – Challenges and Opportunities in Labour Matters for 2023 click here

Eurest Welcome

This week, the British Chamber of Commerce has the pleasure of welcoming our new member Eurest, the world’s leading food services company. Providing meals in over 40 countries, Eurest has a passion for good food that reaches restaurants and dining rooms all over the world.

Eurest Proper Meals Mexico – COMPASS GROUP

COMPASS GROUP is a British company located in Chertsey, England. It is the largest food services company in the world, operating in over 40 countries and with more than 600,000 employees.

A global leader in providing meals and support, it has 80 years of market experience and provides over 5.5 billion meals a year in over 55,000 places.

It began operating in Mexico 50 years ago and currently works in over 130 places in 16 states and provides 110,000 meals a day through over 3000 collaborators.

COMPASS GROUP provides services through business sectors:

  • Eurest – Meal provider for the Business and Industrial Sector.
  • Medirest – Meal provider for the Clinical Sector.
  • ESS – Comprehensive services for the Security Sector, Maritime Platforms and remote locations.
  • Scolarest – Meal provider for the Education Sector.
  • Eurest Sport & Entertainment – Meal provider for the Sports and Entertainment Sector.
  • PUUR – To allow the office staff to obtain gastronomic experience with nutritional and balanced options available on demand.
  • Cafeterías: Outtakes and Simply PUUR – Variety in food, drinks, and snacks with custom-made options.
  • Eurest Services – Help services, facility management and clean spaces.

BritChaM is honoured to welcome Eurest as a new member of our community; visit their website for more information on their services: https://www.eurest.com.mx/